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    Preferred Classics with Mr. Pickles



    There is an uncanny connection between people that is hard to explain but is as real as the substance you breath and the thoughts you think. The connection at first maybe as simple as liking the same type of music or having similar feelings towards certain aspects of life. But, how do you build lasting relationships with just music alone? There has got to be something deeper that seals a connection. The affinity that we have to Mr. Pickles is deeper than just the music, it is the honesty and substance that follows him that we find to be real and inspiring. Do not get me wrong we love that he loves what he does and it speaks for itself but the undefined value that motivates us and draws us to him … is his character. Take the time to read about our friend Mr. Pickles, check out his work and follow his success.

    1.What inspires you on a daily basis to remain passionate about your craft?
    I feel blessed that God have given this talent and to not work at it every day to do all I can with it would be a waste. I have been given a second chance at this and I will not let anything keep me from doing what I do. My only strategy is being me.

    2. What is your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?
    My biggest fear was that I didn’t belong. The scene that I am supposed to fit into on the surface was not me. I overcame it by realizing that it wasn’t about conforming to the mold it was about being true to myself.

    3. How does positivity play a role in your day to day actions?
    Being positive is where it is at. Negative emotions hold you back and weigh you down. We all have a limited time on earth so we should strive to make a difference whenever and wherever we can. Only positive thoughts and actions will help us achieve positive change.

    4.Tell us a time you failed and what you did to turn it into a success?
    I fail every day. My anger overcomes me and I act without forethought. I work hard each day to be aware of my thoughts, words and actions to not make a situation worse. No one person is more important than another. To talk or act poorly toward another brings humanity down. We are supposed to be civilized so why not use our time and energy to create positive change.

    5.What is preferred classics to you?
    Just like the records I dig. It is representing the timeless treasures of something that a person has poured their sole into. It’s about having an idea and then the follow thru. Creating memories while nurturing our thoughts into the physical. We should live life in our communities, whether it be in person or online, creating our own Preferred Classics

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    Talk less, show more.










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    Preferred University

    Learning and growing is a lifetime achievement.

    We are running full speed to the destination of a full blown clothing brand! The first thing of many is to acquire space for an office/showroom/warehouse + acquire space for creativity which includes gatherings for like minded individuals inspired by art, culture, music, life, creation ect ect. We have much to prove, much to achieve and much to learn. Will you grow with us? Will you find the time to participate and lead with us? Will you support and remain loyal to our mission?


    Whatever your answer, understand that we are here for YOU and what we strive to do on a daily basis is figure out how to appreciate YOU a little more as it is expressed through the brand. Our space is dubbed Preferred University for the reasons stated above. As we fill this empty space with our own style and personal touch we will continue to provide updates about the journey. As we head to the destination of quality clothing, quality content, and quality collaborations – as it leads to our space launch in the winter. | Hell yes we are excited! |


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    Preferred Classics with Brittany Fennell

    Moving Pictures

    When most speak about influence it usually starts and ends with individuals that already made a name for themselves globally or at least nationally. Preferred Classics learns the most about influence from everyday people reaching for their goals daily, grinding for what they love and creating what they know! We tend to shift our interest to the folks that live next door or puts in crazy hours in the media lab on campus: Meet Brittany Fennell, a graduate student, writer, director and judging from her answers to our questions she understands where she came from and is determined to get where she wants to go. Please take a few minutes to read her take on success, failure, and motivations. After that, please check out her page for her new short film Queen:

    In 15 minutes, Q.U.E.E.N. explores the themes of identity, sexuality, abuse, expression, and more importantly healing. Q.U.E.E.N. follows a sixteen year old teenager named IMANI who struggles to find her voice.


    1)What inspires you on daily basis to remain passionate about your craft?
    I am constantly inspired by the history of the past and present. It gives me hope and constantly keeps me inspired by the legacy I would like to leave on this earth. I take in a lot of different art mediums like beautiful images of foreign lands and territories, autobiographies of people that inspire and interest me, films, literature about my ancestors, current events, all types of music, and photographs of people.

    2)What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?
    One of my biggest fear is not being successful. Sometimes, I feel like my work will not be seen by the masses. Even though I work day in and day out, sleep in the editing room, go hungry and sacrifice time, energy,effort, going to events with friends, I still work tirelessly to create, breathe, and emote my art for the betterment of humanity, painfully, still fully recognizing the harsh realities of the industry that I am in, which still remains sexist, racist and agist, but in the midst of it all, I create my ART.

    3)How does positivity play a role in your day-to-day actions?
    It is extremely important for me to stay positive in general and to be around people who want my dreams to come into fruition. I cannot afford to be around zap suckers who want to pull down my energy down. The world is hard enough, I do not need anymore critics feeding me nothing but negativity, just saying.

    Everyday, I remind myself that I am not competing against anyone except myself, meaning, I must always realize that I must be the best me the world has seen. Things that help me to stay reminded of my purpose is watching the news and realizing that I am a voice for the voiceless, seeing my family members and being reminded of the benefits of working out, working hard and encouraging others to get prevailing and remain hungry to make their dreams a reality. :)

    4)Tell us a time when you failed and what did you do to turn it to a success?
    I did a horror film while in film school. This film was screened in the spring alongside my classmates films as well. Everyone, classmates, faculty, friends, family and actors came out to see the films of each class. So, I screened this film and did not get the response I wanted. It was pretty disappointing and I did not feel like I could talk to many people about the failure of this particular piece. A lot of people in this particular atmosphere are not the most welcoming or inviting and disclosing that you failed on something is just not wise. They look to prey on the weak and look forward to seeing you fail. Needless to say, I could not confide in these, oh, so, critical beings for help and comfort. :(

    So, I danced it off at the end of the year party after the screening.

    But I also, went back into the editing room nearly everyday in the summer until I was happy with the piece. It’s not perfect. But what I learned more than anything in this situation was to really struggle with your art. Don’t just give up on it.

    It has room to breathe, grow, die and to be reborn in places, and the only true way of knowing this reality is to keep going until you, the creator of your art, feel comfortable with it. Even if you don’t love it, just keep struggling with it. That lesson continues to help me in every area of my life and I have thankful for this humble beginning in my career.

    5) What is Preferred Classics to you?
    Preferred Classics to me is a movement that strives to promote the creativity of all people, living, breathing and creating inspiration and hope through art and beyond, globally.


    Brittany Fennell – Project Page | Twitter | Facebook |