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    Preferred Classics with Sarah Prigge

    Seek and you will find.

    Preferred Classics has one goal as it relates to the core meaning of the brand: We seek inspiration and we hope to inspire. This is the ongoing cycle of the brand for the positive wheel of creation. I met Sarah in 2011 and since then I always respected her work on and off canvas. Sarah is a Chi-town native who believes in the freedom of expression, love, art and happiness. We wanted to know what her Preferred Classic is AND we wanted to know her passions, so we asked. Please enjoy the Q&A session below.


    What inspires you on daily basis to remain passionate about your craft?
    I am lucky enough to come from an extremely talented, art oriented family. Something that has always been certain in my life is artwork. I enjoy every second spent creating and my family always motivates me to do so. Art is my true love and something that I will always be passionate about.

    What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?
    My biggest fear has always been losing the people who are most dear to me. I wouldnt say it is a fear that I have completely overcome, but I learn to deal with it by spending as much time as possible as I can with these people and living each day to the fullest with them.

    How does positivity play a role in your day-to-day actions?
    I think a positive spin can be put on most things. If you radiate positivity daily it will show not only in your craft but I believe it makes you an overall happier person.

    Tell us a time when you failed and what did you do to turn it to a success?
    I considered it a huge failure when I dropped out of college because I felt that I was disappointing my family and putting a huge dent in my future. Oddly enough this helped me in the long run. Not only financially but leaving South Carolina and moving back to Chicago enabled me to focus more on myself and my artwork. I have had several art shows in Chicago and never had these opportunities in South Carolina. It has given me a chance to get in touch with myself and figure out what I really want to do with my life. I knew in my heart that Graphic design wasn’t something I wanted to persue because it was too structured. Thats not my style because I feel art should be about expressing yourself freely. I can now do that and feel completely content with my decision.

    What is Preferred Classics to you?
    I am in love with the vintage look of things with a modern artsy twist. Taking something from an older era and recreating it with splashes of colors or original design is my Preferred Classic.





    Sarah Prigge : Shop | Art Display

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    Late night work.

    This past week was a productive one as there have been conference calls, various meetings and around the clock madness to all gear up for our May release. If you have been following us on twitter or on our facebook page, I bet you seen the tidbits. We are happy as hell to put this ground work in because if you might not have known, starting and maintaining a brand is tough work. We learn, grow, make mistakes and pick ourselves up again. We have no set hours, we hear the word NO too often and we don’t know when that glory will come. What we do know and understand is that each and everyday we want to do something more, something better that will result in small successes constantly. I know that there are 200 million new clothing brands everyday that are completely competing for your eyes, ears and wallets so I understand it may be hard work for YOU as well to stay on top of everything. What we are trying to do is slow it down a bit and create quality not quantity for your favorite social media feed. I know, it’s backwards. I guess that’s why 100 Days of Vinyl means so much to us, because the nostalgic feeling behind putting a nice new record on your table sort of takes you outside of the world and back inside yourself. It’s easy listening. As the time gets closer to the release, we will keep you updated with the ground works and the ins and outs (in case you care to start your own small clothing brand). As for now, enjoy our new Spring Things 2014 mix and a few iPhone & Android PC a reminder of your Quality Lifestyle Choice.


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    Preferred Classics with Rock!

    A big shout out to music producer Rock for Sync Recordings for elaborating on his meaning of Preferred Classics. It’s cool and refreshing to have friends and family that just ‘get it’ Enjoy!


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    Preferred Classics with Steeve Sam

    There are many reasons why affinity works in cultures and respect is truly something that is acquired not given out in grab bags. Steeve Sam shares the basic lifestyle of universal gratitude that Preferred Classics holds on to. The little things that may or may not have any significant meaning to the people looking in illuminates in spirits and causes one to just … get it. We get Steeve Sam, we respect his hustle and growth as well. That’s why it was a no-brainer when I decided to shoot him an email months ago with the question “What is Preferred Classics to you?” Many people can artistically craft answers with time being of the essence to sum up the perfect response, but only a few can cultivate the inner self definition. Quite frankly, being Preferred Classics is not about the clothing you wear or the music you listen to. It gets deeper than the epidermal. It is the drive and motivation behind that very thing that brings you joy. It is resiliency to one up yourself every year and get better, do better and live better.

    Steeve is an artist who doesn’t allow his own limitations to define him. He is a man. He is true and he is definitely Preferred Classics. Please take the time to read Steeve’s response to a few questions we asked him about everything and enjoy the moving pictures below.


    1) What inspires you on daily basis to remain passionate about your craft?

    Steeve: Being a third world country kid keep me passionate about my craft – i come from nothing and im here in america where to some even though its crazy here its still a beautiful place compared to poverty so to know that I’ve been blessed to have opportunity lights running water that alone keeps me elevating and i aim to have my family experience other ways of living besides poverty and struggle- knowing i can create opportunities not only for self but those around me and people i haven met yet – plus when someone hits u up and says your music saved me from killing myself its very humbling and motivating

    2) What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

    Steeve: The fear of success and losing my values and morals or better yet purpose behind why i create. everyone wants success but maintaining success is the key and based on experience distractions are everywhere so i always ran from the responsibility of being a great artist cause it is a responsibility but I’ve learned in order to create change its not about just starting off initiating change but continuing to be the difference thru all adversity – i overcame my fear by realizing the fear of not living to my fullest potential was ultimately my greatest fear and i realized action would be the only way to overcome everything cause just thinking doesn’t change anything

    3) How does positivity play a role in your day-to-day actions?

    Steeve: Positivity is everything – positive thinking its infectious and its the reason why among all the robots ad their opinions ive been able to maintain a sense of purpose – plus i come from the negative and the negative only brings more negative and once u realize your actions affect everything around u u start taking more thought in your thoughts and actions – its funny cause my grandma in Haiti would always be smiling even when we aint have no food and she always said positivity keeps hope alive if hope is lost so is everything and i never forgot that.

    4) Tell us a time when you failed and what did you do to turn it to a success?

    Steeve: I fail everyday in little ways and big ways – being an artist i fail at regular life sometimes because my whole life has been spent in a room making music for the most part so i missed out of just a lot of human building – i feel anyone that’s great fails everyday and decided to just keep moving forward or getting better – my mantra is there are infinite possibilities so i keep my mind open – U fail enough times u will start to master the art of bouncing right back if u truly want growth in whatever it is u aim to be great at

    Steeve: I see Preferred Classics i see A brand for the people – all kinds of people – even reading your response made me enjoy your brand more because u are the brand – we need more brands that promote the people instead of cliques or cliches or trends – Innovation

    Steeve Sam Website | Steeve Sam Sound Cloud