Preferred Classics: A clothing and lifestyle brand based in New Jersey. Our only goal is to create inspiration through: our clothing, the content we publish,  events we host, the relationships we build + more. We believe that in order to accomplish this .. we must involve others. We encourage collaboration. -

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  • From the chair.
    From the chair.

    I write this post while getting my tattoo done in a cool shop in Brooklyn by my great artist and friend, James Spooner. I can’t get over how far this brand came and how grateful I am for everyone that has been involved with its foundation. Love is the belief system which attracts all that is good to me. Just

  • The Process is Real.
    The Process is Real.

    The stills keep moving. Hey good people. Guess what? I’m scaling this brand and it’s real late. Today I received a box full of black hangers for our showroom and now we are waiting on the rolling rack for displays. Needless to say, things are moving quite nicely with our total renovation which is turning me into somewhat of a

  • Preferred Classics with Ivan Vargas
    Preferred Classics with Ivan Vargas

    “Tessellate the cheese” We are back with another inspiring 5 question, 5 answer Q&A session! This time we searched across the map to bring you Ivan Vargas aka cezeone, which happens to be someone I know personally through music and life. Loving mothers would say – “You need to get different friends in your circle, who will challenge and motivate


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