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    Pre #100DOVINYL kickstarter

    On August 1st our 100 Days of Vinyl project will go live here and in true PC fashion we will like to gift you with a couple goodies for ya ear. If you haven’t already, go check out our Q & A session with Mr. Pickles so you can fully understand the gravity of this post. First off, a BIG thank you to all those who participated and will participate in 100 Days of Vinyl. There is still days available and awaiting your entry, go here to participate.

    Our main man, Mr. Pickles has been creating this ‘drop’ for quite some time now and he has given Preferred Classics the opportunity to release it FIRST! When he first told me about his looper tool file, I was kind of confused because at the time it was a brand new concept to which I had no clue about. We had the ‘beta’ version of the Chopped Pickles (#choppedpickles) looper for over two weeks and we constantly play it in our office. – On Rotation.

    First let me give you the basics about what a looper tool is before going further.

    A looper pedal is a piece of hardware that allows you to simply input long or short pieces of music (into a loop) played live, play it back and play along with the playback – it reminds me of a basic sampler, or beat machine such as the MPC, without its technicality. Guitarist love looper pedals because of its simple foot start/stop feature that allows you to input a loop while playing a set or recording. Basically it is digital memory. But, Mr. Pickles is not a guitarist – he is a vinyl scratching, music producing, turntable KING and he has been so kind to allow Preferred Classics to again, EXCLUSIVELY release his looper pedal set. But wait there is more.

    The details are not to be overshadowed in this project and awareness has to be shared about the capacity of this release or else it just wouldn’t be right.

    This is a two part post:

    1. The 10 minute soul-packed mix by Mr. Pickles giving a few treats from his own record collection that will get anyone ready to start digging! We simply reached out to Mr. Pickles to give us a quick snippet of a mix that will introduce the project and allow for him to play some music. The SOUL mix is short enough for you to want MORE and long enough for you to WANT more. Take ten minutes out of your life RIGHT NOW and press play below, we promise the 10 minutes will turn into 30 (but we are not counting)! You can also download and relive this moment forever.

    We hope this gets you pumped up for the next 100 Days of Vinyl!

    2. Back to the looper pedal tool and the EXCLUSIVE Chopped Pickles loops. If you are a rapper/artist this is for you. If you are a scratching vinyls left and right this is for you. If you love music this is definitely for you! Chopped Pickles is an executable file that opens up (in flash). You will have total control over the loops and each letter in the looper title will play a different loop. Each letter in the looper title will give you a new adventure. Each letter in the looper title will allow draw you in for HOURS! This looper title is : C H O P P E D P I C K L E S – That’s fourteen fresh loops for you to get busy with! Download the file on August 1st / and thank us later. Don’t forget to thank Mr. Pickles for creating this and giving it FREE to the world!

    The Mr. Pickles Chopped Pickles Looper tool will be available August 1st.

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    Preferred Classics with Mr. Pickles


    There is an uncanny connection between people that is hard to explain but is as real as the substance you breath and the thoughts you think. The connection at first maybe as simple as liking the same type of music or having similar feelings towards certain aspects of life. But, how do you build lasting relationships with just music alone? There has got to be something deeper that seals a connection. The affinity that we have to Mr. Pickles is deeper than just the music, it is the honesty and substance that follows him that we find to be real and inspiring. Do not get me wrong we love that he loves what he does and it speaks for itself but the undefined value that motivates us and draws us to him … is his character. Take the time to read about our friend Mr. Pickles, check out his work and follow his success.

    1.What inspires you on a daily basis to remain passionate about your craft?
    I feel blessed that God have given this talent and to not work at it every day to do all I can with it would be a waste. I have been given a second chance at this and I will not let anything keep me from doing what I do. My only strategy is being me.

    2. What is your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?
    My biggest fear was that I didn’t belong. The scene that I am supposed to fit into on the surface was not me. I overcame it by realizing that it wasn’t about conforming to the mold it was about being true to myself.

    3. How does positivity play a role in your day to day actions?
    Being positive is where it is at. Negative emotions hold you back and weigh you down. We all have a limited time on earth so we should strive to make a difference whenever and wherever we can. Only positive thoughts and actions will help us achieve positive change.

    4.Tell us a time you failed and what you did to turn it into a success?
    I fail every day. My anger overcomes me and I act without forethought. I work hard each day to be aware of my thoughts, words and actions to not make a situation worse. No one person is more important than another. To talk or act poorly toward another brings humanity down. We are supposed to be civilized so why not use our time and energy to create positive change.

    5.What is preferred classics to you?
    Just like the records I dig. It is representing the timeless treasures of something that a person has poured their sole into. It’s about having an idea and then the follow thru. Creating memories while nurturing our thoughts into the physical. We should live life in our communities, whether it be in person or online, creating our own Preferred Classics

    Follow Mr. Pickles – Instagram | Soundcloud

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    Talk less, show more.










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    Preferred University

    Learning and growing is a lifetime achievement.

    We are running full speed to the destination of a full blown clothing brand! The first thing of many is to acquire space for an office/showroom/warehouse + acquire space for creativity which includes gatherings for like minded individuals inspired by art, culture, music, life, creation ect ect. We have much to prove, much to achieve and much to learn. Will you grow with us? Will you find the time to participate and lead with us? Will you support and remain loyal to our mission?


    Whatever your answer, understand that we are here for YOU and what we strive to do on a daily basis is figure out how to appreciate YOU a little more as it is expressed through the brand. Our space is dubbed Preferred University for the reasons stated above. As we fill this empty space with our own style and personal touch we will continue to provide updates about the journey. As we head to the destination of quality clothing, quality content, and quality collaborations – as it leads to our space launch in the winter. | Hell yes we are excited! |