Preferred Classics: A clothing and lifestyle brand based in New Jersey. Our only goal is to create inspiration through: our clothing, the content we publish,  events we host, the relationships we build and the value we create. We believe that in order to accomplish this .. we must involve others. We encourage collaboration. -


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  • sneakercon configurations.
    sneakercon configurations.

    The Root’s has a block party in Philly every year for hip-hop. WWE sells out stadiums and parking lots for main events every year. You can’t even get standing room only tickets to COMICON when they are in town. I bet hardcore music fans are already prepping for the next SXSW in Texas. I guess what I am saying is

  • Sight Seeing, New Jersey
    Sight Seeing, New Jersey

    I travel from the Philly area to New Jersey where our office is located faithfully 2 to 3 times per week. My commute ranges between 1 hour and a half to two hours each way depending on traffic, which is inevitable on interstate 95 / Route 1 if you are familiar. On any given day the most I get out

  • Operation: Respect the Elephant!
    Operation: Respect the Elephant!

    Greetings! Who is ready for our groundbreaking collection “Respect the Elephant (ELE)” slated to drop this winter which includes fresh pieces for the cold and warm weather! We do not care… we put product out any time we want! I already know some brands are focused on their Spring / Summer collection but we don’t wanna (big baby). Nope, not


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