Preferred Classics: A clothing and lifestyle brand based in New Jersey. Our only goal is to create inspiration through: our clothing, the content we publish,  events we host, the relationships we build + more. We believe that in order to accomplish this .. we must involve others. We encourage collaboration. -

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  • Preferred Classics with Mr. Pickles
    Preferred Classics with Mr. Pickles

    #choppedpickles There is an uncanny connection between people that is hard to explain but is as real as the substance you breath and the thoughts you think. The connection at first maybe as simple as liking the same type of music or having similar feelings towards certain aspects of life. But, how do you build lasting relationships with just music

  • Preferred Classics with Brittany Fennell
    Preferred Classics with Brittany Fennell

    Moving Pictures When most speak about influence it usually starts and ends with individuals that already made a name for themselves globally or at least nationally. Preferred Classics learns the most about influence from everyday people reaching for their goals daily, grinding for what they love and creating what they know! We tend to shift our interest to the folks


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